台灣的恐懼 Fear and Loathing in Taiwan

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

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Infinity Key 訓練系統會用不同的方式帶領你及挑戰你,讓你勝出這場與恐懼的奮戰,但是最終還是要由你做出這個決定!我們會給你所有戰勝的機會,你只需要投資你的時間。​


在 Infinity Key,我們相信是這兩點佔有很大的比例:犯錯與負面的關注。


( Anna Liang 譯 )

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Fear and Loathing in Taiwan

Turning Shame into “A”s

As children, we have a plethora of fears. Fear of the dark is one common example. As children we’re absolutely sure that it would do us harm. We look back now and see that “fear” response as completely irrational. Fear can be outgrown.

Taiwan has created another response to the fear of making mistakes: Shame. Loss of Face. This sense of shame has become so manifest that it inhibits progress in some areas while proving truly advantageous in others. It is admirable how Taiwanese students have been able to transfer this sense of shame over mistakes into stalwart study habits. And it has paid off in helping shape Taiwan into the modern success story it has become.

How, you may ask?

Students in Taiwan have been culturally evolved to excel in the STEM fields. Taiwanese students’ proclivity for cramming for tests has shown great results in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Few countries can compete and Taiwan has parlayed that success into a robust economy which is the envy of many other Asian countries.

When it comes to learning languages, does this shame response become an actual handicap?

The point is, fear is autonomic, but can be controlled and conquered. We can choose to face our fears and yes, over time, we can vanquish them. So the solution of how one can overcome the fear of conversing with native speakers is related in this way: By fully committing to, and engaging with, a variety of English experiences designed to target the entire complement of skill sets required to succeed, all fears will soon be overcome and replaced with confidence.

Simply put:

Practice + Time = Success

Infinity Key will guide you and challenge you in many ways to help you win out, but ultimately, it is up to you. We will give you every opportunity to win. All you have to do is put in the minutes.

If only it was as easy as flipping a switch. Getting over the fear of using English has to be the first priority in ultimately helping you achieve any dreams of fluency.

Unfortunately, these fears run deep and will take more than an acknowledgement of their existence to vanquish them to the nether regions of memory. We need to start with defining just what it is you are afraid of?

At Infinity Key, we believe it is a combination of two things: fear of mistakes and fear of unwanted negative attention.

Fortunately, “The Key” is surprisingly easy. Confidence in English, and by extension, in all you do, is closer than you think.

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